Citrus Circus

Looking for a way to feel refreshed? Perhaps it has been a lazy day and you’re looking for ways to ignite that spark? Look no further. VaporFi’s Citrus Citrus Circus e liquidCircus is here to ensure that you a completely refreshing yet unpredictably moody vaping experience.  While it’s pretty sweet, it’s not as sweet as the Appletini e liquid.

Citrus Circus Review

Citrus Circus contains a Double Shot of Lemon Zest followed by a single shot of Lime Delight. The Double shot ensures that Flavor is tangy enough to provide a sharp tingly taste while the lime ensures that it is sweet enough to counteract from the taste of Lemon Zest overwhelm your senses. Citrus Circus is the flavor to go when you’re looking to experience a vape that’ll blow your senses away. Sometimes sweet and sometimes tangy, this flavor ensures that you experience one wild ride of flavors as you vape away.

VaporFi also provides with the choice to change the composition of the flavors within the cartridge so if you feel like the Lemon Zest is a tad too much or life is giving you lemons already, all you need to do is ask VaporFi to reverse the composition of the flavors and enjoy the double shot of Lime Delight sweetness with a slightly naughty twist of Lemon Zest. Whichever way you prefer it, the choice ultimately is yours and either way the fact still remains that this is a combo of flavors that are guaranteed to inject that energy and refreshment into that utterly stale day that you’re having.

Along with ensuring a dazzling array of flavors, VaporFi also ensures that their products are 100% Kosher grade and are safe to use around any children, though it might be best that if that could be avoided. VaporFi also claims that no one around you that might be passively vaping would come to harm. Add the fact that VaporFi has branches and even little kiosks in malls around you, and you can be assured you’re never too far away from enjoying the best of vaping.

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