Orange and vanilla is not a combination you find every day as far as e-liquids are concerned. Since Vaporfi has a penchant for the unexpected, they Creamsicle e liquidhave come up with lovely offering which is just as brilliant for winters as it is for summers. But it is not your typical dessert liquid, it has all the sweetness but with a twist.

Creamsicle E Liquid Review

Usually when you are having vanilla ice cream there is always the chance that it will melt but with this flavor you can enjoy the taste of the vanilla and never have to worry about it melting.

The vape is a very light one by Vaporfi’s standards as they are used to creating more pronounced flavors but it does the job regardless of when you take out your ecig and start vaping away.

The blend is also one which you do not get used to easily. The flavor is given a new level of subtle sweetness with the vanilla which adds the right amount of balance.

This keeps the flavor from being too sweet to be likeable and it prevents an aftertaste which could be just as unpleasant.

The one thing which is partly why this flavor is so popular is because it is very real tasting. The vapor production is brilliant and makes you feel like you are really eating a creamsicle. The effect can be all the more stimulating if you opt for more nicotine in your finished blend.

Some people prefer adding more vanilla because the orange can be a little too sour at times and can interfere with the goodness of the flavor.

By adding more vanilla you can balance it out better and it never gets overpowering. For people that love creamsicles as a dessert, this flavor is a godsend because they can now enjoy one anywhere they are.

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