Cuba Libre

VaporFi while offering some truly unique flavors and tastes to the vaping community also offers some truly ever-popular flavors. Take the Cuba Libre Cuba Libre e liquidfor example. A liquefied flavor of the same proportions as the drink with same name, it meets and exceeds the expectation one would tend to have with this e-cigarette refill.

Cuba Libre E Liquid Review

Cuba Libre consists of one shot of Havana Rum, one shot of Cola Blast, and a shot of Key Lime to twist up this patriotic flavor. Feel the aged Rum roll off your taste buds along with bubblish feel of the cola only to be complimented by the tangy taste of the lime. This collage of flavors ensures an exotic, Caribbean feel while guaranteeing the harder side of vaping, due to premium quality of the flavors used, specifically the Havana rum shot.

The shot of rum ensures that you enjoy a slightly intoxicating effect, (joking) while the cola tends to counterbalance that effect so as to not enter the user into a high. Lime tends to ensure that the user is always on the edge and provides that slight tinge on the tongue incrementing the whole feel of the flavor. Compliment that with the fact that VaporFi uses only kosher grade ingredients and claims to provide with refills that even exceed the food grade qualities.

The fact that this is made by Vapor Fi electronic cigarettes just adds to the quality.

The fact that you can easily get your desired nicotine content per cartridge and VaporFi has branches nationwide along with kiosks in the different mall ensures that you’re never out of reach of a premium vaping experience. Visiting their premises is rewarding in itself as the staff tends to mix out the refills right on the spot and the company welcomes any creative mixes that you might be able to think off. They also seem to have great support staff available that are ready to answer any queries that you have and can provide assistance in all sorts of things such as the optimum drag or the technical usage of the E-cigarette.

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