Cuban Mojito

VaporFi has long since been the name to go to when it comes to enjoying the best of vaping. And that is for good reason, with unique flavors and a Cuban Mojito e liquidwide array to choose from, they ensure that once you’ve come to VaporFi you will stick with them.

Cuban Mojito, one the classic flavors that they offer is so reminding of the drink with the same name that if you weren’t aware of the fact that it is a vape, you’d definitely would say that you’ve just had one. Fresh Mint works well with rum in the flavor to provide a refreshingly simple taste, add some sparkling water and sugar and you have a perfect collage of flavors that beautifully handle each other and only tend to add a synergistic effect to each other. The flavors tastes citrusy, not overly sweet and with just enough amount of energy and refreshment that’ll blow you away. VaporFi has always been able to remind us of truly familiar taste and this particular E-cigarette does the same.

This particular flavor has a lighter rum element than that of the Real Cuban Mojito. This one tends to highlights the sweeter sides of a mojito rather than the heavier Rum aspects. And it does make sense as the other flavor tends to bring and stomp that our on the taste buds quite well. Still if you feel that this flavor is lacking a bit much, mixing it up with some mint really tends to stirs things up to an extra ordinary mark.

It is entirely your choice as to the intensity of the flavor that you want with in the cartridge, you can choose up to triple shot of the same flavor within the same cartridge and even change the standard 70/30 PG/VG mix to a stronger 50/50 PG/VG mix with the latter providing a stronger flavor and throat hit. All of VaporFI’s labs are also FDA registered which makes them more than just safe to use. And in case you have a problem with any of cartridges, although that is highly unlikely, they all comes with printed Lot numbers on the bottom, which makes it very easy to track.

An essential to any vape mixologist is the iconic flavor of cherries. Get your start here.