Custom Vaporizer Builder

The custom vaporizer builder is an online tool offered by Vaporfi which makes it easy for you to literally choose and create the vaporizer of your dreams. The total is simply added up when you are done and your job is made a hundred times easier.

Build a Custom Vaporizer Online

The first step is choosing a battery which is a game of specifics. You need to obviously decide the kind of vape you want which will in turn influence your choice of battery. The more powerful the battery the more powerful the vape will eventually be. Vaporfi is all about creating a customized vaping experience that the customer wants and is comfortable with.

Next comes choosing the tank which is again going to be according to your specification as tanks have to go along with certain types of batteries and they don’t work with all of them. What you are supposed to do is create a small starter kit of your own choice which is tailor-made to your preferences when it comes to vaping.

It only takes a few minutes to mix and match as you please and you can have a customized experience which will help you stick to the vaping habit. There are many styles and colors available and you can choose as you please. For example when you are choosing batteries you can opt for any one from Vaporfi pro battery, rocket variable battery, pro variable battery and you can choose from different tanks as well.

The tanks that are on offer are platinum, clear, premium and a couple of other options. Check out their specifications on the official site and order depending on what you want out of that tank. If you prefer a lighter vape then choose accordingly and similarly for more powerful vapes and so on.

What is included in the kit is as follows in some detail:-

  • One battery for your vaporizer and each battery of Vaporfi is power-packed and long lasting.
  • One tank which is made to fit your vaporizer perfectly and comes in 1.5mls or the larger 3mls depending on what you order.
  • One atomizer. This kit doesn’t come with extra atomizers as do the regular starter kits so you may have to purchase extra ones on your own as it is recommended to keep extra ones handy as they do need changing up every now and then.
  • One USB adaptor and charger is also included. It comes with a battery of its own which you can replace as you see fit when you run out.
  • If you order the pricier starter kit you may be able to pick up five extra atomizers (for which naturally you will have to pay extra).
  • You also get one wall charger as an optional addition if you pay extra. This is great for at home use while the USB one is great for travelling so that you can charge it in most sockets in airplanes or via a laptop or tablet.

If you need supplies, like coils, I review all of those as well.  Here’s one for the RBA replacement coil, and another one for the coil jig.  Both are important components.  As are the O Rings.