One the very best things about owning an E-cigarette is the wide variety of flavors available. It’s a perk that the traditional smoking fails to deliver. Decadence e liquidIncrementing that perk is the fact is some getting some of the premium mixed flavors available.

Take Decadence for example. A careful blend of the most aromatic of flavors available, this flavors provides a dominating vaping experience that’s hardly seen elsewhere. Chocolate provides a smooth silky taste that is start of a collage of flavors to provide a dominating flavor that’s pure bliss.

When the taste of chocolate fades away, it leaves you craving for a more intense flavors, and the flavor doesn’t end here. Chocolate is followed by a smooth taste of cream and a light, nearly faded taste of Hazelnut. This in turn ensures that the feeling of craving that the chocolate caused is instantly fulfilled and doesn’t over load on the sweetness. The crunchiness of the hazelnut and the smoothness of cream tends to compliment the sweetness of the chocolate in the flavor and ensures that the vaping experience you’ve just had is top notch.

Most of the E-cigarette refills are mode from kosher grade ingredients which ensure that you do not have to worry about it being unhealthy in any case. With more and more people entering the vaping community due to its safe and easy nature, you are never out of reach of a good vape because a refill is never too far away. There are stores all over the US and even kiosks in malls near you that can provide the refill that you need. Similarly if you ever feel creative or are just unsure what predetermined flavor to buy, worry not. Customization is a feature truly exclusive to E-cigarette and one can easily buy a custom mix that’s tailored to suit your exact needs. You are also able to customize the amount the nicotine per cartridge ranging from 0% to 3.6% per refill.

For each flavor we reviewed, there is someone out there that has their personal choice. Maybe this one is yours.