Double Apple Hookah

Not a lot of brands are able to pull off Middle Eastern blends with the expert hand that Vaporfi employs. Double Apple is an attempt to combine double apple hookah e liquidshisha which is loved in the Middle East with apple and green apple. The taste is wonderfully exotic and this is one of the finer flavors when the entire range is considered.

The apples are sweet as well as with a slight tang and they blend beautifully with the tobacco feel of the shisha. The experience is literally that of a shisha when you fire up the flavor and start vaping. The vapor quality and production is brilliant so maximum satisfaction is guaranteed.

The shisha flavor obviously stands out the most and can be slightly bitter at times especially when vaped for long periods of time on a stretch. The solution to this is leaving the flavor to steep for a while so that it can get sweeter. The other thing you could do is add in a bit of flavor sweetener or enhancer (which is also available from Vaporfi) to sweeten the deal and make the flavor better tasting.

The apples follow after and lend some brilliant flavor to the blend. This is easily one of the most enjoyable flavors of all time. The flavor vapes pretty smoothly even though it comes across as strong most of the time.

The one noticeable undertone is one of nuts but there is no mention of such an ingredient so perhaps it is an oversight but it makes the blend delicious nonetheless. You can feel tones of tobacco lingering on the tongue after one has finished vaping and that effect is also pleasant.
The apple flavor is very robust and realistic and does not taste like apple candy which is a common complaint with regard to most apple based flavors.

For the true vanilla flavor without adding an e liquid, try out this flavored cartridge.