Double Espresso

If you’re feeling lazy or just having a slow or dull day, you know that you need something to get you up to speed and inject the energy back to you. Double Espresso e liquidWhile most people prefer coffee, it can be time consuming to get into the lines and even then if they mess your order, your bad day just got worse.

You’ll find VaporFi at the top of the brand rankings of electronic cigarettes 2015.

Double Espresso E Liquid

An Alternative to coffee, while ensuring that it does essentially the same while providing with an equivalent or even better taste, would be to use the VaporFi’s Double Espresso flavor to start the day. Perhaps you’re in the office and your favorite coffee shop is an hour away because of the traffic and you have a break of just half an hour. What do you do then? Do you comprise on taste and quality?

Even if you used to, you don’t need to anymore, with a choice of up to three shots of the same energetic taste encased within the cartridge, VaporFi’s Double Espresso ensures that you enjoy the start of your day or that little break that you get from your burden of a workload. Rich aroma, pure taste and strong sense of energy could be used to describe this flavor and what it feels like, but these words don’t do it justice. No matter which way you prefer your coffee, one puff will instantly remind of the finest you’ve ever had and will make you wish you were in that café right now.

Each of the VaporFi’s cartridges come with printed lot numbers so that each product can be separately tracked in case any (rare) issue arises. Couple that with the finest kosher quality ingredients, the premium quality nicotine, the ability to specifically choose the nicotine content from six different concentrations, the selection of the standard or a stronger flavor blend and the number of flavor shots within the cartridge, VaporFI offers a vaping experience like no other and one that will caters to all of your vaping needs. VaporFi also welcomes any creative mixes that you dream of and provides them at your service without any hassle.

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