Energy Drink

Feeling tired at the end of the day? Or perhaps you are just missing the energy to start? Maybe you need something to pull you through the day and Energy Drink e liquidVaporFi, like always, seems to have the best answer.  This is once again why they are the #1 rated electronic cigarette brand.

Energy Drink E Liquid Juice

Energy Drink is a new take on the whole concept of power boosting you through the day. While the name is similar to most drinks out there, none compare to the power beast that this flavor is. While the flavor at the first inhale might be reminding of a blueberry RedBull, this tends to change if you spice up the inhaling methods. Anybody who’s new to the world of Vaping, this is the must have flavor that you need to try. The flavors delivers brilliantly and tends to works extremely well if mixed up with a shot of lemon.  You can get a discount code here.

Energy Drink provides the energy and the sudden increased activeness that you need to get through the day. With the choice of up to three shots with in the same cartridge, one is truly free to get creative and think of any mix that they might come up with. Looking for a power mix? Combine two shots of Energy Drink with Espresso and you have instant power house at your disposal. Looking to relax, yet not completely drained? Fuse the Energy drink shot with some Cola Blast and Havana Rum, and you get to experience a truly balanced flavor. There are numerous possibilities to how this flavor might be used, and keeping them all side, this flavor also does exceptionally well on its own, though it is our opinion that a triple shot of Energy Drink is over powering a bit.

VaporFi’s ability to provide custom blends and the choice to change the standard 70/30 PG/VG variation and the ability to choose custom nicotine content per refill allows for a truly custom vaping experience.  If you like the tart, fruity flavors (like candy) you have to check out what I just reviewed – the Candy Stix e liquid!  It’s incredible.