Express Carrying Case

This carrying case has been made especially for all your Express accessories like chargers, batteries and cartridges so that you can carry them with youexpress carrying case safely without damaging any of them and also conveniently them in this chic, black little case with the Vaporfi logo on the front.

The carrying case is slightly larger than the other cases in the Vaporfi range of carrying cases so you will get plenty of space to pack in all you want. The case is also a more dull black when compared to those other cases and there is also a slight difference in price as it might be pricier since it is larger in size.

However its largeness does not overcome its compactness. The case can still fit inside most briefcases and purses as well as carry-ons for airplanes. The size is very ideal in this form and it can also bend to fit inside bag better. This does not compromise its durability however and the fact that it makes your vaping accessories very secure indeed.

At the price of $19.99 you will be getting a good quality bargain which is a good investment for anytime that you are traveling and even for every day when you need to be going from one place to another and are concerned about damaging your vaporizer and all the accessories that come with it.

One of the biggest selling points of this carrying case is the slim profile which allows it to look better when one is holding it and also to fit in anywhere. It also has pockets inside for chargers and atomizers and such. It seems to be made for the Express kit as the name suggests but can be used for other kits as well. It is perfect for organization and really getting your things together in an old fashioned straight forward way.

The right tools for the right product is important. Check your replacement parts against the model number.