Express Cherry Crush Cartridges (5 Pack)

The Express cartridges from VaporFi offer a great price to value ratio are specifically made for the VaporFi Express Starter Kit. With a choice of express cherry crush cartridge 5 packgetting empty cartridges or getting a pre-determined flavor, they offer a value that’s unmatched.

One of the predetermined flavors in the Express cartridges is the Cherry Crush. It provides you with a sweet savory but overwhelming taste that’s just the right amount of naughtiness. The aroma is particularly strong and makes you light up immediately. It provides a new twist on the Cherry flavor and ensures that you’ll fall in love with E-cigarettes at once. Feel the Aroma of the flavor take over the environment and enjoy a chemical and tar free vape anywhere anytime.

All of the VaporFi cartridges contain flavors that 100% made in the USA and are made from kosher grade ingredients which means that they are at par with food grade, if not above them. Likewise you also have the choice to choose the amount of nicotine per cartridge which makes it a vaping experience that you are in control of. With a range of 0.0% to 1.8% it is entirely your choice. The cartridges are also completely safe to be used around children and do not offer any harm to the “passive smoker” though it is recommended that one avoids that while in the company of children. VaporFi also has great support staff available in the branches of their stores, located all across the U.S. The support staff can help any queries that you might have and are also able to show off some of the advanced vaping techniques.

If that isn’t enough to satisfy any concerns you might have, consider the fact that all of VaporFi’s labs are FDA registered, which means that there isn’t anything to hide. Likewise all of their products come with printed lot numbers on the bottom, making them easier to track.

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