Fancy Latte

Coffee flavors are loved by all and there is good reason for it. Generally coffee is a very familiar taste that once is used to taking every day so when you fancy latte e liquidsee a coffee e-liquid, you have no other option but to jump at it. As the name suggests, this wonderful offering by Vaporfi is more than just coffee but has many fun elements added in.

The added flavors are hazelnut and vanilla which add a very nice luxurious touch to the java cup which is hard to resist. The nutty feel adds a whole other dimension and there is a fair measure of sweetness due to the vanilla. What’s more is that you get no nasty aftertaste to mess with your vaping experience.

The nicotine strength of 1.8 is the recommended dose for this flavor as a very high dose may impair the flavor and cause it to become a slightly bitter vape. There have been some complaints of the flavor not being all that strong which actually acts against it.

The flavor is a delightfully light vape but it may fall short in the satisfaction spectrum and you may need to continuously vape as the day progresses.

The flavor also proves brilliant for a newer ex-smoker because it delivers an enviable throat hit despite not being all that strong. Newbies will delight in the coffee goodness especially if they aren’t up for fruitier flavor options which may be too far off from what they are used to.

The vapor production is thick with coffee being the frontrunner and vanilla shortly behind with hazelnut undertones. The combination generally works very well together.

It has become a bestselling favorite since its launch because it is polls apart from the other coffee flavors around from other brands. The vanilla taste proves to be the main selling point.

If want the singular fruity flavor, the click the link for a taste of my home state.