Fresh Mint

If you want something more refreshing with your electronic cigarette flavor, then you should definitely try fresh mint. This flavor gives a very cool Fresh Mint e liquideffect on your mouth and throat and can light your way out of boredom.

VaporFi Fresh Mint

Don’t expect a fake mint flavor here. We give importance to purity and value pure mint. It is a very clean mint, crisp and overpowering. You would find this flavor as the freshest of fresh mint. It is a good throat hit with a delightful minty taste and aroma.

Blend Mix:

We have found that this particularly blend mixture gives a nice throat hit and a strong flavor production, so we keep this blend of 70% PG/30% VG. A balance of 50% PG/50% VG has also been introduced as a modified option for vapers. Depending upon how strong or light you prefer the taste you can select higher or lower PG or VG as a personal choice. Below is the knowledge you can guess from PG vs. VG.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

  • Flavor taste is stronger
  • E-liquid is thinner to help in better absorption
  • Stronger throat hit

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

  • Thicker E-liquid
  • Lighter throat hit
  • Naturally sweeter taste

Nicotine Level:

It is recommended that people who are new to it should start off with 1.8%. This level is as good as a traditional cigarette and can give the best results for those making the change for the first time. Other levels of nicotine are also offered to modify your vaping experience.

The performance of the electronic cigarette and vaping experience can be affected directly by the nicotine level.

Flavor strength:

A maximum of three flavor “shots” can be added to your E-liquid. You can decide one single shot, double shot or triple shot.


If you are looking for a fresh taste, we recommend you to try fresh mint. You would simply love this mint as it is very refreshing with a cool taste. It will make you feel energized and alert. This is a solid and clean choice if you are looking for mint flavor.  If mint isn’t your thing, perhaps the Red Hot Cinnamon flavor is?

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