Frozen Banana

Frozen Banana is a much loved dessert and now you can enjoy it as an e-liquid. This lovely delectable delight is a combo containing banana, chocolatefrozen banana and vanilla and it sets the stakes high and delivers. Easily one of the best flavors in the entire range it has a creamy, sweet finish that will leave you craving for more.

It is easily as decadent as old age banana splits except it boasts of a little more complexity. Whenever you find yourself in the mood for bananas, you can switch on your ecig and enjoy them wherever you are. The taste is also as authentic as it comes.

This flavor is also great for after a meal because it is the right balance of sweetness which doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste. It is also adequately satisfying as the flavor is quite strong depending on what nicotine strength you have gone for.

The taste really makes you believe that the brand goes for all-natural fruits instead of synthetic varieties which are part of why you get such a real-like taste. The chocolate is however a tricky element as it tastes like dark chocolate and not like the regular kind. This adds an interesting touch which may be liked and may be disliked depending on the person that is vaping the flavor.

If you feel the chocolate is a little too bitter for your taste and is overpowering, you can put a double dose of other flavors in there to compensate for it. You can also add in a little bit of the Vaporfi sweetener to even things out nicely. A few drops and the e-liquid will be noticeably sweeter and tastier.

This flavor works best with a nicotine strength of 2.4 as the higher the better. The flavor itself is of a medium strength so if you can prop it up with more nicotine, you will have a pleasanter vaping experience.

I love the fruit, so I would for sure try this e-liquid.