Fruity Hookah

VaporFi’s ability to get creative with the choice of flavors available already is great. There are flavors that seem really typical and then there are flavors Fruity Hookah e liquidare so creatively simple that it makes you think that why didn’t you come up with them before. If you’re still confused as to what we’re talking about take a peek at their Fruity Hookah Flavor.  Or, if that’s not your type of thing, check out the Cheesecake Divine flavor.

Fruity Hookah E Liquid Review

Comprising of three different shots of flavors within a single cartridge, this combo provides a uniquely satisfying and chilled taste that we’re sure you’ve yet to experience elsewhere. One shot of Watermelon Wave, followed by one shot of Grape Escape and Simply Shisha. This is the flavor that’ll remind of the hookah that that is immensely popular.

The Grape Escape and Watermelon Wave work together to bring about a fruity collage of taste that is purely delicious and energizing to its core. Add a shot of Simply Shisha to the mix, and you get a flavor that is equivalent of having a Hookah of the same taste. The only difference that you will ever notice is that it really isn’t that big to carry around. If you’re a fan of the Hookah/Shisha and have been missing that particular feel, worry no more.

This flavor tends to cater to those that seem to miss their glory days of enjoying a shisha/hookah while lounging, but simply do not have the time/space anymore. Experience the true feel of shisha right in your hands. You do not need to go through the hassle of preparing/ordering a shisha anymore to experience this collage of fruity naughtiness anymore.

VaporFi is also able to provide you with a choice of your desired nicotine content per cartridge, so that your vaping experience is truly at its best and just the way you like it.  Yet another reason I buy VaporFi products and feel they are the best vapor company.