Juicy Fruit

Long has VaporFi been known for their teasing fun fruity flavors and Juicy Fruit is just another delight for vapers to try. It is a silly little flavor but it Juicy Fruit e liquidoffers a major summery thrill once you get into the hang of it. The flavor is very clean to say the least. It is like a raw watermelon and strawberry flavor which you won’t be able to resist.

One of the major plus points of this flavor are that it is really a refreshing take on the traditional watermelon flavors.

It is not the most satisfying vape but for times when you crave dessert or do not have a specific preference in mind, it can be just the thing you need. It is wonderful for after dinner or when you want to have a fun flavor to vape in the office.

The vapor cloud is not immense and as mentioned before the flavor is not going to be the most satisfying one but you can adjust it in a few ways. By incorporating a higher nicotine dose you can upgrade the quality of your vape but that depends entirely on you. Many vapers have gotten away with lower doses and enjoyed the blend all the same.

Some vapers have found that a little addition of menthol ice just takes the edge of and injects more life into this already lively blend.
The flavor is also very finely blended which means you don’t get the feeling you have raw fruit in your mouth but rather a sophisticated cocktail taste without the added alcohol.

This flavor can be mixed with a variety of other flavors and you can cheat the formula as you like. All the flavors are FDA approved as are their formulas. The glycerin and the nicotine used are very high quality so that is also a bonus.

My favorite flavor is the next review. Check it out!