Key West Cheesecake

If you ever been to the Key West you would instantly recognize the taste of this great flavor. Like the name suggests, it sticks to the roots of the ever Key Lime Cheesecake e liquidloving taste of the traditional key lime pie, along with slight touch of cheesecake. It’s like having your very own pie in your pocket, just in a liquified form.

As you start to use vape pens with the Vapor FI e liquids, you’ll notice the sweetness savoring your taste buds reminding of the famously known pie of the same name. Words cannot do this flavor justice, you have to try it to know what we are talking about. A nice tarty sweetness spreads the moment you inhale.

Key West Cheesecake Flavor Review

A Single shot of the key lime ensures the flavor is recognizable immediately followed by another shot of cheesecake. However for those among that prefer their dessert on a sweeter side, you can always ask for a double shot of cheesecake and VaporFi will be more than happy to accommodate to your needs.

The Sweet yet refreshingly tangy taste ensure that you experience a flavor that’s unlike any other yet very recognizable. On the other hand if you haven’t eaten the pie itself, or been to Key West, there’s no better way to see what we’re excited about. This unique flavor is truly a treat and perhaps having it after a meal would make that perfect day.

VaporFi also allows you select the nicotine level within each e-cigarette refill allowing a traditional smoker to feel the truly rewarding experience of vaping without being dissatisfied. Another great thing about Vaporfi is the fact they branches all over the country and little kiosks in the mall, it is just like having stumbled upon a small vapor bar. You can just walk right up and they’ll mix up the exact flavor right on the spot. Even in scenarios where you’d just thought of something crazy to whip up, they will do their utmost best to accommodate to your needs.

Once again, this Key West flavor shows exactly why I always have this company at the top of my electronic cigarette brand ratings for 2015.  For another recent review, check out how we made out with the Pear flavored e cigarette juice.