Large Leather Lanyard

Lanyards are ideal for carrying around things as they are super stylish and super functional at the same time and with this leather lanyard you really large leather lanyardcan’t get any better. Vaporfi has designed this lanyard to attract attention rather than divert it and it does a rather good job of it as they come in a lot of bright neon like colors which are hard to look away from. They are lots of pinks and oranges and bright greens.

The lanyard has been built for times when you badly need to go hands free but don’t want to look bad doing so. With this hanging around your neck not only will your vaporizer be there exactly when you need it, it will look great and will be the center of attention.

This is especially good for people that have invested in the higher end models like the Rocket II. They will be able to showcase their more expensive vaporizers to the world without looking like they are trying to showcase them. The leather lanyard itself is understated and classy and is taste personified.

At the affordable price of $7.99 you get to choose between the amazing colors of white, blue, black, green and pink. It is compatible with most vaporizer models like the Rebel I and the Rebel II as well as the Pro and the Air and the Express models and can be used generally with any model as well.

There has been some complaint that the lanyard cannot handle extreme weight and the strap tends to break but it all really depends and this isn’t a general thing across all the lanyards. The leather lanyard has been made with the highest quality ingredients and it is made to last regardless of the weight and as long as you take care of it, it will last you for a long time.

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