Mango Cheesecake

VaporFi has some of the really best and insanely simple yet creative flavors available. Mango Cheesecake could be seen as an example. A combination Mango Cheesecake e liquidof simpler elements, that work together to provide a vaping experience that’ll make you wish you could have that right now. Or maybe not, calories count do they not?

Mango Cheesecake Review

Double shot of Mango Tango in the cartridge ensures that feel the summerly feel of the flavor along with a sweet lasting feel on the tip of your tongue. The throat hit is also superbly smooth, because of the fact that the flavor is complimented by a single shot of Cheesecake as well. This tends to put the flavor on the sweeter side yet it amazingly doesn’t get too sweet as to dissuade you from trying it. Imagine having a plate full of mangoes, carefully sliced to perfection along with a small piece of cheesecake on the side. Mouthwatering images tend to enter our brains and VAPORFI doesn’t disappoint.   That’s why they are always on the top of the brand ranking list I posted here.

This flavor is best enjoyed when inhaled via long drags, rather than quick puffs that leave you longing for more. With Kosher grade Food ingredients and Quality that is above even the food industry standards and being FDA approved you can vape ensured that you’re having the best experience of vaping. With custom combinations available such as changing the number of shots of a specific flavor within the cartridge, VaporFi leaves a lot of room for experimentation and imagination.

VaporFi offers a standard mix of 70%PG/30%VG. A 50%PG/50%cg option is also available for experienced vapers. A higher PG tends to bring out a stronger flavor hit along with a stronger throat hit as well. Choice of the mix essentially means that it is you that ultimately decides on what kind of vaping experience you want.

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