Mango Lemon Delight

A perfect solution for the summers, Mango Lemon Delight is an absolute joy to have and it is one of the better fruity flavors you will find in the entire Mango Lemon Delight e liquidrange of Vaporfi. There is a double dose of mango so there is more fruity power when compared with the lemon undertone. The effect is a juicy, succulent and refreshing flavor which is hard to compare with any other.

The vape is quite distinctly for the summer so it is recommended you try it when the weather is hot since it will be refreshing to say the least. The vape is also very well blended as many dessert and fruity type flavors tend to be quite raw to the taste buds and end up leaving an aftertaste. You won’t find that with this flavor.

The unnoticeable hint which you will find which can only be traced back to the same mixing pot having been used for the creation of the e-liquid is bubblegum. This is nonetheless enjoyable and adds a lovely hint to the whole flavor which is perfect for new vapers as well as more experienced ones.

The flavor can be ordered online for $15.99 which is a medium level pricing by any standards and the packaging is very sturdy and convenient. The bottles never break or leak as is the case with many cheaper brands so you get a pretty good overall user experience.

You can adjust the doses as you like such as adding more lemon if that floats your boat or adding more mango if that is what you are in the mood for. You can also choose a fitting nicotine strength and there are a few to choose from. Choose one that is higher as the flavor is quite light and may not be as satisfying if the nicotine strength is too low.

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