Mint Julep

Mint Julep is a popular cocktail drink which is drunk a lot in the South and is very reminiscent of the Kentucky Derby. Anyone who enjoys that kind of Mint Julep e liquidfeeling of guzzling down a mint julep in the blazing heat will most certainly enjoy this flavor by Vaporfi.

The take on the flavor that Vaporfi have opted for is the classic one which means it is a mixture of bourbon and mint. For people that enjoy a good drink every now and then this flavor is a Godsend and works brilliantly. The bourbon taste is distinct and has been captured beautifully.

The vapor production is also brilliant and you get a huge cloud of vapor every time you switch on your ecig and pop in the cartridge. The smell is intoxicating and if you like the smell of bourbon you will find yourself opting for this flavor time and time again.

Despite the fact that the flavor is derived from an alcoholic drink you never feel the difference. The mint comes through pretty strongly but that is about it. The vape is quite smooth and light and it is a flavor to turn to at any point during the day when you feeling an urge.

The flavor being potently refreshing is one of the slightly better ones you will find from Vaporfi. It blends well with flavors that are kind of fruity and it also makes a wonderful vape when mixed with coffee related flavors. You can choose the nicotine strength to your liking and a higher one suits this flavor more than a lower setting.

Since the flavor is strong, it is recommended to rinse your cartridge because this flavor does transfer into other flavors when the cartridge is refilled. Mix and choose as you like to make the flavor work for you. The only catch is that there isn’t nearly enough bourbon to satisfy an alcoholic or an enthusiast and that means the mint becomes irritating after a while.

Don’t knock it until your try this vapor flavor next.