Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizer

If you are a fan of dry herb vaping then you will absolutely love this vaporizer kit as this is as advanced as it gets when it comes to enjoying that sort of Orbit Dry Herb Vaporizervaping. It has been engineered to provide the optimal level of comfort and best design to vapers which is part of what makes it so great.

The VaporFi Orbit Vaporizes Dry Herbs & More

The first thing which is noticeably great about this vaporizer is its stunning good looks. The device is a sleek, black little thing which can fit into your palm and is shiny and very expensive looking. At $99.99 it isn’t the most affordable vaporizer on the block either. Secondly the design is very simplistic which means it is remarkably easy to use and there aren’t many complex options which you need to get ahead of.

The best features which are enjoyable and lovely about this little vaporizer are:-

  • It can handle prolonged use so you don’t have to worry about it heating up or anything like that and you can keep using it to your heart’s content. This is also a great option if you will be sharing it with someone because this way it can handle tough use without burning out. Not to mention it has a really long-lasting battery to back things up and does not need charging very often.
  • There is a heating chamber which is made with newer technology and it is easy to fill up and open for inspection, so if you have any issues you can easily open it up and check out the problem. The goal is complete satisfaction and that is what this vaporizer gives you beyond any doubt.
  • The vapor that is produced is very clean and smooth and there are no issues of clogging as may be the case with cheaper dry herb vaporizers. However you cannot multi-use the device with e-liquid as it can only be used with dry herbs.

Here’s a company tutorial on how to use the VaporFi Orbit:

There are a couple of known pitfalls in the design such as the air circulating the chamber and causing the mouthpiece to become rather hot. This means you cannot use the device properly and need to use it at various angles in order to be comfortable. You can try a silicone attachment but it does not improve matters much.

Secondly the entire dry herb conversion can be a concept which takes some getting used to because it is a very different experience from vaping standard e-liquids. If you are not a lover of dry herbs it may indeed be an acquired taste more than anything else. The mouthpiece does need to be replaced often and it does get hot pretty quick but if you can overlook this, the device works marvelously.

The main catch is in the price. The $99.99 is thought to be pretty steep given the poor quality of the construction but given that you get a lot of accessories with it such as silicone attachments, the price may as well be a bargain.

The orbit may be a complex system, but if you want to dumb it down a bit and try something less extravagant, read my Air Starter kit review.