Peppermint Bark

Everyone loves Christmas cookies and gingerbread men.  Fortunately for us, most of the top selling e cig brands have figured that out as well!   If you Peppermint Bark e liquid want a flavor which reminds you of those warm holiday feelings that you need not look any further than Vaporfi’s Peppermint Bark. It is the perfect combination of toffee and chocolate and it still ends up not being sickly sweet. It is a real treat to have and just about any vaper would have difficulty switching to another e-liquid.

Peppermint Bark Review

The toffee is the first thing you notice and the rich flavor of the chocolate follows soon after. The vape is delicious and if you have a sweet tooth then this is the best flavor for you and will keep you occupied in the dark winter months when you want to have a peaceful vape after a long hard day of work.

The festive theme which is underlying is very much present when you start vaping the flavor because of its overwhelming shower of sweetness which is both an advantage and a disadvantage depending on the individual preferences of the vaper.

The flavor is a definite must for new vapers that have just changed habits as it will help them to retain their enthusiasm for electric cigarettes knowing there are such fun flavors to be had and tried. The childproof flavor bottles contain a single dose of each chocolate, toffee and peppermint and you can vary the doses as well as the nicotine strengths.

There is a slight bitterness in the flavor on the account of the chocolate and the peppermint being mixed together but some vapers actually prefer that and think that this makes the flavor different from the others in the Vaporfi range. If you as a vaper prefer a slight bitter aftertaste, you can opt for Peppermint Bark too.

This is one of the bestsellers in the Vaporfi range and it gives you exactly the kind of hit you expect as the distinct flavor of the chocolate and the toffee comes through.  If you want another type of taste profile, I encourage you to check out the Mango Cheesecake e juice review.