POM Passion

This e-liquid is a brilliant concoction and a mix of three flavors which all start with the letter P. It is a combination of pear, peaches and pomegranate pom passion e liquidand the result is marvelous. The fruity flavor overpowers the senses and brings you in for a tropical and refreshing treat. It is perfect for really waking you up in the mornings or for vaping all throughout the day.

If you are a particular enthusiast of tree ripened pears and pomegranates then you will love this blend because the taste is wonderfully realistic and you will feel like you are literally having the fresh fruit.

It is great for all types of vaping palettes, from the ecig newbies all the way to the more experienced vapers. The flavor is a sheer delight for all regardless of personal preference.

If you find the flavor just not sweet enough or if there is an issue relating to the exhale quality, then you can add in some fruit enhancer (made by Vaporfi) and the problem will be rectified.

Pomegranate is the main flavor element and it is the most noticeable which is a major plus for lovers of the fruit.

You can always add in double doses of the other fruits as well if you would prefer for them to be the stronger flavor in the mix. A double dose of pear could add a hint of sweetness and make this flavor less of an undertone.

The flavor can also be mixed with mint or any other flavor from the range as Vaporfi is all about customization of e-liquids. They have this option for all their flavors.

The flavor has a fair degree of complexity which means you get a lot of different feelings at once. During the first vape you might feel there is more to the e-liquid than what first meets the eye.

This next flavor reminds me of camping out at the lake and walking into town to the Dog and Suds.