Pulse Circular Cordless Charger

As far as being stylish goes this tops the list because it is round and silver grey and a real beauty to look at. The functionality of this thing of beauty is pulse circular cordless chargeralso unsurpassed as it charges wirelessly which is something that none of the other chargers do in the Vaporfi range.

It gives a great power boost to the Pulse battery which is a great long lasting battery on its own to say the least. It brings out the good points in that battery and enhances them and makes your vaporizer perform better than ever before. Not to mention that aesthetics play a great role in the entire process so your vaporizer looks good when it is charging also.

The major selling point for this cordless charger has been the fact that it is the latest of its kind of technology which means you will not find another like this either in the range or outside in any other brand. It is a truly advanced wonder and it looks marvelous with its massive aesthetic appeal.

Since the charger is circular you have to place the battery right in the middle of the device for it to charge and it works nicely and charges rather quickly when you compare it with conventional chargers which are much slower. The batteries all stand vertically in the charger.

There is also an LCD which at all times is going to alert you to the status of the charge and at any time you can unplug the charger and start using your vaporizer. At the extremely feasible price of $19.99 the charger is a must-have if you own a Pulse vaporizer or battery and it will serve you well.

It comes with its own adapter as well if you are going to be traveling and it also comes with a charging cord.

For easy charging on the go, you will find this product currently on sale.