Rocket Starter Kit

As the name suggests this vaporizer is really a ‘rocket’ in all the ways that count. This starter kit, by VaporFi, brings together design as well as functionality which are one of its key tricks which make it popular. The major difference between this starter kit and the others however is the form of a manufacturing element in the vaporizer which is unlike anything that is found in other vaporizers: an airflow tank.

The VaporFi Rocket Starter Kit Review

The batteries are high wattage so you are never lacking in power and there is double atomizer power at 1.8ohm. It is sold at a slightly steep $119.99 but it is worth every penny. You can always throw in an extra five pack of atomizers but you will need to pay for them extra. It is advisable to buy these though as you will need them as early as the first two weeks of use.

The key points which make this rocket starter kit different from the countless others out there and from Vaporfi’s other offerings are as follows:-

  • There are adjustable voltage offerings because of the duals coils in the vaporizer.
  • The battery is wonderfully long lasting and doesn’t need charging all that often.
  • There is brilliant vapor production and flavor hit.
  • The airflow tank offers adjustable airflow which allows you to greatly customize your experience and to really mould it the way you like so you are satisfied. The tank itself is also pretty unbreakable as it doesn’t break even if you drop it even though it appears to be made from some sort of glass.

The major element which has made starter kit different from its counterparts is that it is sturdy as well as basic to cover all the needs of any vaper. Regardless of whether the vaper is a newbie or more experienced, they will enjoy the experience that comes with the rocket. Furthermore, the use is reallt fool-proof and anyone can use it as it isn’t really very complicated at all.

What is wonderful about the rocket is that you can vary the amount of air you take in or suck in. You can keep as many holes open as you like and the feel is very much like the feel of a real cigarette. The idea is perfect for people that have just converted to vaping because they will feel they are still on the tobacco cigarette. This is all courtesy of the airflow tank.

Secondly, you can also vary the voltage. This varies the power you allow your vaping session to have. This simplistic model has this option which is great which means you don’t have to necessarily spend more in order to get this feature.

Thirdly the atomizers included in this kit are of the highest possible quality. They have none of the issues that one usually incurs with atomizers in starter kits. You also get five others in the pack or you can order them separately so that is a lovely bonus since they come in handy once you start using the device.

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