Rubber Drip Tips

Drip tips keep life interesting. Their use is never obligatory when you speak about vaporizers and their atomizers but they do make things easier. They rubber drip tipsmake refilling your atomizer easy as a dream even though you could always refill your atomizer without them. The point is however that they are cheap and they make the job easier so why even try.

They are sold for the modest price of $2.99 and they come in packs of 3. You can buy separate packs and keep them at home if you are an experienced vapor and will be expected to do a lot of filling and refilling in the time to come. Since the price is very low, you should have no problem keeping extras handy.

The other great function of these little rubber drip tips is that they look great attached on your vaporizer. They also let the atomizer work more efficiently. The atomizer stays cleaners and also free from debris and dirt when there is a drip trip attached which is why their use is recommended even if it is not necessary. At any the drip tips do look great on the vaporizer.

The other function which these drip tips are great for are if someone else wants to try your vaporizer. For purposes of hygiene you can slip on a new clean rubber drip tip. The drip tips are easy to lose however so make sure you store them in a separate pouch however if you are going to be traveling or moving around a lot.

The drip tips are also available in plastic but somehow they are more comfortable and usable in rubber and they feel nicer. If the stainless steel tip is really cold or feels that way to you, you can always attach a rubber drip tip to remedy that problem.

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