Strawberry Chill

This is a flavor which is unusual since not a lot of brands apart from Vaporfi have something similar. Strawberry Chill is a lovely mix of strawberries strawberry chill e liquidand menthol and it vapes just as brilliantly as it sounds. Strawberries somehow become even sweeter and more juicer once a little menthol is thrown in so the effect is amazing.

It seems to have been made for summer days when the heat is sweltering as the strawberry chiller as it should be called calms the senses and intoxicates them. The flavor is great for post meal vaping as well as early morning vaping as the flavor sits well no matter when it is vaped.

This flavor has rung bells even with vapers who don’t usually like menthol related flavors so that is an added bonus. The strawberry chilled treat slides down the tongue and provides a great throat hit. The vapor cloud isn’t huge so it is better to not expect much but there is definitely some fun to be had with this flavor.

The flavor isn’t fearfully realistic. As is the case with many fruit-based flavors the strawberry tastes like candy and not like real strawberries at all. The menthol is also not as strong as it should be and it becomes an undertone in comparison which is not pleasing. Of course you can always give the flavor an upgrade with a dose of menthol on top of the added one.

You can also add in some fruit enhancer to give the flavor a few points as that will definitely being out the strawberry flavor more and further suppress the menthol taste. This is good for people who don’t enjoy menthol and may have ordered the flavor by mistake.

It also leaves a nice aftertaste which makes your breath smell nice and one that leaves you longing for hours afterwards.

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