Strawberry Kiwi Delight

The Vaporfi range is full of fruity flavors and this is just another brilliant and enjoyable combination. Strawberries and kiwi go well together especially strawberry kiwi delight e liquidwhen they have a creamy undertone. There is a level of tang which means no one’s taste buds will get bored.

Sweetness is the first thing that is noticeable about the vape and the vaping quality. There is a large amount of sweetness which can be both delightful and irritating.

The main flavor or the main flavor which can be tasted is strawberry and kiwi acts as an undertone which surfaces when you’ve been vaping for a while. The effect is refreshing and summer-like and all the more pleasing because there is no other flavor mixed in for good measure.

Since the strawberry is really out there and the kiwi is relatively less pronounced, many vapers may feel the need to add a double dose of kiwi to increase the flavor. The strawberry is good enough on its own but the kiwi really adds a hint of sweetness and tang which needs to be felt more during the vape.

The flavor while lovely and sweet is not very authentic. The strawberry in particular tastes very much like strawberry candy and not really like the real fruit which isn’t all that bad but makes the flavor a bad choice for fans of the fruit.

The blend vapes smoothly and the vapor cloud is immense so that is a major plus point. The flavor is well blended so you don’t get any out of place undertones or sour tones while you are vaping. The flavor can also be added to other flavors for a more enjoyable experience.

Adding the fruity flavor to a plain tobacco one for example is a good choice for new vapers who have just managed to leave smoking behind.

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