The Godfather

The Godfather is no flavor to be messed with. As the name suggest the blend is a fine VaporFi vape to be reckoned with and it never fails to deliver. The Godfather e liquidRated as one of the strongest and most loved flavors in the entire range, it definitely brings something new to the table.

The Godfather E Liquid

It is made from amaretto as well as bourbon so it packs quite a punch in terms of strength. It is recommended to have less nicotine or a lower setting with this because the vape is by no means light in nature. It creates a considerable vapor cloud and you can enjoy it sitting after dinner or just about any time of the day at all. This is also one of the flavors that a vaper can simply not get enough of.

It is perfectly satisfying and it touches and intoxicates the senses like no other. The inherent richness boasts of another ingredient which the brand itself has not been clear about. Perhaps the secret ingredient is the cause of all the hype regarding the legendary taste of this flavor.

The amaretto has undertones in the taste while bourbon assumes center stage. It is the most pronounced of the two and bourbon addicts or enthusiasts will love vaping with this. It is very reminiscent of being present in a men’s lounge as the taste is very masculine and bulky.

Some vapers say that the taste becomes soapy after a while but it really depends on the doses you have opted for as higher settings tend to cause that effect. Adding menthol or tea as additions have also been noted as favorites among the fan club of this flavor and it can be adjusted on the whim of the vaper.

It is good for when you just want to relax and lay back as it reminds one of cigars and alcohol and it can be just as satisfying as either.

Yet another reason why this brand (Vaporfi) is the best electronic cigarette brand – no question about it!