Tobacco Menthol

This is one of many tobacco related flavors from Vaporfi. While others like tobacco toffee are certainly delightful, Tobacco Menthol has sophistication Tobacco Menthol e liquidthat none of the others can match. For most brands menthol is a much loved additive to tobacco blends anyway so Vaporfi decided to spare you the trouble and they blended the two together themselves.

Menthol and American red tobacco are popped into the mixer together to create this cult classic and it never fails to impress. You no longer need to choose between vaping menthol and vaping tobacco as you can now vape them together without any hassle.

The doses can be adjusted as you like and depending on how adventurous you feel, you can add more menthol or more tobacco. If you are not sure you can order your customized blend as part of a sample pack so it costs less and is only 10mls in case you have made a terrible mistake. If you are sure and have been doing this for a while, you can place the order right away.

The one issue which seems to have arisen is that the menthol is not strong enough. If you find you are a major menthol fan you can double the dose in order to get double the satisfaction and power. The vapor production is good enough and the vapor is generally quite smooth and cool. You get a major throat hit by all standards so this flavor is not one to be trifled with.

If you find that you are not satisfied with most flavors and need to keep returning to your ecig, then perhaps tobacco menthol could be the answer. This flavor is also great for fans of the menthol cigarette as they will feel the taste has been quite exactly replicated.

It has been rated highly and loved by almost all vapers who have tried it. The flavor can be ordered in childproof plastic bottles that are travel-friendly and strong. The standard size is 30mls.

A singular flavor can be mixed with other flavors to make your own unique taste, starting with this flavor.