Totally Toffee Tobacco

Almost every e-liquid brand has some sort of tobacco blend or other to offer. But Vaporfi has dared to be different. They have created a classic tobacco Totally Toffee Tobacco e liquidblend but with toffee added so you can multiply the fun and enhance the pleasure. This is easily one of their best offerings.

The Totally Toffee Tobacco Experience

Often Middle Eastern blends are used to add an exotic touch but this brand uses plain red American tobacco which is known all over the world for its quality and sophistication. If this is what you were used to smoking before you will find this to be a godsend. The American Red tobacco is paired with toffee which adds a creamy as well as crunchy touch.

The blend has been created originally to be at twist on the regular tobacco taste and to appeal to vapers who have just now converted to the healthier habit of vaping over traditional smoking. They get a feel of how different and yet familiar vaping can be to their old habits and this makes the transition occur more smoothly.

Even though it sounds strange at first, the toffee is in fact perfect for a combination with Tobacco. It makes the entire vape smoother and creamier with a slight and lovely sweetness. The tobacco still remains the main ingredients and the toffee is merely an undertone.

This blend is strongly reminiscent of the good old days when men just wanted to curl up on the couch and enjoy their favorite Cuban cigar and watch television. In all respects, it is the perfect post-dinner vape when you are tired from the day and want a whiff of the old times.

Some people find that the toffee in the flavor is a single dose and simply not enough. You can change this by adding an extra dose and also opting for more nicotine. The end result is always satisfying with this flavor.