Vaporfi Collar

The appearance of your vaporizer might not be all that matters but it certainly accounts for a great deal and the Vaporfi collar can help you in making vaporfi collaryour vaporizer more attractive.

The collar is made for the purpose of covering up threads, and blending large tanks into smaller battery cases to make your vaporizer appear slimmer and prettier as the end result.

It is silver grey and shiny and adds a level into the vaporizer that at first sight is very hard to distinguish from the rest of it but is pleasing all the same. While high performance and massive vapor production are all revered elements of a good vaporizer, the appearance of one should never be underestimated which is where the collar becomes essential.

For the modest price of $1.99 the collar can really improve the looks of your vaporizer and save you from public embarrassment and make you take out your vaporizer with pride next time you are out of the house. You can buy this separately or order this as part of a starter kit depending on how you feel more comfortable.

The pricing is brilliant for this Vaporfi accessory which is a must-have for your kit and for your general vaporizer usage. Even if you do not have an immediate use for it, you can always buy it and keep it aside for future use if you are going to be using various or different battery sizes or different tank sizes.

They are known for their ‘snug fit’ which means they not only contribute to the overall appearance but they also have a fair function to provide which makes your vaporizer slightly easy to use. They help adjust the thinner batteries to the larger tanks and so on. The build is also pretty solid so they are made to last.

Convenience is the idea behind this great product.