Watermelon Mojito

Vaporfi is known for its more unusual flavor combinations and this watermelon delight is certainly among them. The entire feel is made very exotic by the cocktail flavor that you can taste and whichWatermelon Mojito E Liquid dominates the entire vaping experience.  It’s really one of the unique e liquid makers on the market today and certainly one of the acclaimed vapor cigarette companies.

Watermelon Moijto E Liquid

The watermelon is most certainly a double dose so it is the dominating flavor but you get the Cuban exotic touch with the mojito. The throat hit is light so it is ideal for beginners or for people that find most e-liquids to be slightly irritating to them. This e-liquid is very light and never becomes overpowering like many cocktail flavors usually do.

The main reason why Watermelon Mojito has been so popular is because it has a fruity feel along with a slight zesty touch. It is a hard flavor to get tired of easily and can be satisfying even for vapers who find themselves bored with most flavors on a day to day basis.

Buying a 30mls bottle or picking up two at a discount is a good idea if you vape a lot or very frequently because you won’t get sick of the flavor and will end up saving money. The other touch which many vaoers swear by is by letting the flavor almost marinate for a week or so before actually filling it in your cartridge.

This way the flavor is enhanced because it has time to brew and mix better and in the end this results in a richer and thicker vapor. Since the throat hit is not considerable it is advisable to not skip this step because it contributes greatly to the taste.

If you are displeased with the taste there is a 30 day guarantee during which the flavor bottles can be returned and exchanged with another. This fresh fruity flavor however is widely liked and ranks among the popular flavors in the Vaporfi range.  Another flavor that has the same mint flavor profile would be the Peppermint Party.  Read the full review of this flavor by clicking this link.